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Frequently Asked Questions
This is an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop, website building tool. There are many industry-specific and mobile-friendly templates to choose from. To get started, you just select a theme, customize it to your liking, then select a pricing plan. Your website will be ready to go live in just minutes.
Yes! There are three different Websites plans to choose from. Select the Free plan for the easiest and fastest way to get online with no credit card required. Then step it up and select one of a different plan when you are ready to show the world you mean business.
Yes! Adding a blog only takes a few steps and is very easy to do you. Just add a section and select your blog layout. Learn more in the Help Center.
Yes! Once you’ve selected your template and created a website, you choose a plan and your website is automatically hosted. Some plans even come with a free domain and Business Mail so you’re ready to get online fast.
Yes! Live Insights gives you a real-time view of how customers are navigating your website and makes personalized recommendations to help improve traffic. Learn more in the Help Center.
It’s easy to use and gets you online fast. From a coffee roasting business to weddings, we have a template to keep you covered. If you’re still not sure that this is the right tool for you, you can go ahead and create a free website.
Websites is a comprehensive website building tool that is mobile-friendly and easy to set up. Web hosting services come with web building tools, blogging, database management, and more. Website Builder is the better choice for users that have less time for coding but are still looking for a professional website.
Select an annual Basic or Professional plan to receive a free associated domain for the first year of your subscription. Free plans come with a Yahoo Small Business subdomain. Additional domain extension options are also available at full price.
Yes! Learn exactly how in the Help Center.
Website Builder is very search engine optimization (SEO) friendly. Learn more about optimizing your website in the Help Center.