YouTube: The Overlooked Giant of Social Media Marketing

    By Lauren Bringle | Small Business

    YouTube. Many people know it as the place to go to watch cute cat videos: Cats on Roombas, cats in shark costumes and cats playing with dogs. But aside from hours of spontaneous entertainment, YouTube functions as an influential sphere in the advertising sector.

    According to Julie Perry, the social media director at BLASTmedia, a PR firm that works with companies on their YouTube strategies, YouTube is now the number two search engine on the web. While many companies may view the site as less professional than other video-hosting websites, Perry states that the success of engaging users through YouTube comes through YouTube’s wider reaching audience.

    There are many other benefits to social media marketing through YouTube, Perry states. First, a company’s videos can appear in the related videos section of other YouTube channels and links. Especially if companies are smart in their use of search words and video titles.

    YouTube is available on almost any platform, including mobile, TV, computer and tablet, making it easily accessible through any individually preferred media. Perry mentions that posting videos to YouTube removes them from internal websites where few viewers will see them and spreads them to a wider audience.

    Many companies are jumping on board with this new marketing trend. Ming Vong, the VP of Sales with Digi-Pas, a division of Ventura Group Companies that manufactures angle measurement technology in the USA, Japan, the UK and Germany, mentions that Digi-Pas uses YouTube almost exclusively for their social media marketing needs.

    Vong mentions that YouTube is particularly useful in producing videos that demonstrate the use of their products and that make user reviews available to customers.

    Most importantly, Perry adds that it is important to remember that YouTube is also a social network. Users can add friends, subscribe to channels, comment, like videos, and link content to Facebook and Twitter. This makes YouTube a great way to broadcast yourself, and your company, to the world.

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