X5 eDrive Is How BMW Goes Green For SUVs

The move to alternative fuel vehicles may have begun with small, compact cars, but as automakers fine-tune their hybrid and electric powertrains, they soon will be applied to larger and larger vehicles. Enter, the BMW X5 eDrive Concept. Based on the standard X5, the eDrive Concept brings hybrid driving to a BMW five passenger SUV.

The X5 eDrive equation starts with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, matched with a 95 horsepower electric motor and a lithium-ion battery pack. This system is capable of cruising in electric-only up to 75 mph, and has a maximum electric range of 19 miles. In European testing, the X5 eDrive achieved 3.8 liters of fuel consumed per 100 kilometers, which equates to 74.3 mpg (though it should be noted that the fuel economy figures will be different for the EPA cycle, but this provides an estimate.)

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Power is sent to BMW’s xDrive all-wheel drive, and regardless of electric or combustion propulsion, power can be divided amongst all four wheels independently.

01-BMW X5 eDrive

BMW has visually differentiated the eDrive from the rest of the X5 lineup with light-alloy wheels, blue inserts in the front and rear lower valences, as well as blue inserts in the grille.

While the X5 eDrive is not a production vehicle, BMW seldom creates a concept that doesn’t foreshadow some future product. As far as we’re concerned, the matter of a future hybrid X5 is not an “if,” but a “when” question.


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