World’s First Social Media Powered Street Sign

    By Tim Robertson | Small Business

    World’s First Social Media Powered Street Sign image sign1sign

    Breakfast, a New York based interactive agency, has created the world’s first social media powered high tech street sign. It has an interface that allows the user to ask for current updates on weather, restaurants, transit, sporting events, and tweets. Called Points, it is designed to sit on street corners, in hotels, and at sporting events.

    Pedestrians will see different categories displayed and be able to choose what information they are looking for. Points pulls information from APIs and RSS feeds and can be customized to match the location or the event.

    Points leverages content from Foursquare, Twitter, transportation APIs, RSS feeds and many other online sources, but more importantly it can be expanded to work with almost any online data source and adapt to any location where it’s installed. – Breakfast

    3 years in development, Points has 360 degree rotation, powered by Xmega chips, supporting 16,000 ultra-efficient LEDs, and custom built micro transmissions to fit inside the housing.

    You can get some more information about leasing and other details here.

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