Winning Teams and Volunteering Lift Community Spirits

Living in the state of Colorado, and being a fan of the Denver Broncos, I can confirm that winning teams lift community spirits. I am sure Pittsburgh feels the same after their Pirates made the MLB playoffs – and the same could be said for Cleveland with their Cleveland Indians. And as much as I wanted Peyton Manning to get his second Super Bowl win in 2009, nobody can dispute the positive impact that the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl win had for the entire state of Louisiana! This video looks at how winning teams and volunteering lift community spirits.

Here are the highlights of the video:

1. Denver Broncos are building excitement in Colorado

The Denver Broncos are currently 4-0, and I expect them to be 5-0 after beating my childhood team this weekend – the Dallas Cowboys. They are already breaking NFL records, and they are on track to shatter records like “most passing TDs”and “most passing yards” while being led by a 37-year old quarterback putting up the best numbers of his career. Will they finally match the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins, or will someone trip them up?

Whether you live in a small Texas town that shuts down Main Street and follows those yellow school buses to watch a heated high school football game, or a sports-crazed city supporting the local NFL football team, you know how winning teams get the entire community excited. People wear their favorite players’ jerseys, they buy souvenir cups with the team schedule printed on them, and they shout their spirit in real life and on social channels like Facebook and Twitter.

2. Colorado Technology Association celebrates tech

After making this video, I went to celebrate the success of the recent Colorado Technology Association APEX Awards with other steering committee volunteers. It takes months of preparation, and a willingness to adjust to last minute logistical issues, but these volunteers step up every year to support this APEX event that celebrates technology in Colorado.

The CTA’s next innovative networking event for technology professionals will be the 9th Annual Wine Tasting on October 16th. I do plan on attending!

3. Your 2-step Call to Action

First Step: Root for a winning team (I suggest the Denver Broncos). Simply expressing team loyalty will include you in an entire community, online and offline, that shares the joys of every win and the disappointments of every loss.

Second Step: Become a volunteer! One of my favorite expressions is “Make a Difference in your Lifetime”. Whether you are supporting professional organizations (I support both the Colorado Technology Association and TDWI) – or service organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Boys and Girls Club, and youth sports – you will become part of a community invested in mutual success.

Get involved…and watch your spirits, and the spirits of the community around you, soar!

Photo Credit: Sports Authority Field at Mile High, Denver, Colorado by Ken Lund, on Flickr

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