What is a WiFi Drive?

    By RM Downey | Small Business

    What is a WiFi Drive? image wifidriveWhat is a WiFi Drive?Smartphones and Tablets very rarely come with enough storage space to store all of your content such as Pictures and Videos. Expanding storage can generally be impossible with Apple devices and a pain with others. Is there a really easy way to share and internet connection on the go? Is there something that could do both? Maybe it’s time to explore the power of a WiFi drive.

    So how does a WiFi Drive work?

    It’s similar to other expansion drives in form, factor and capacity but it essentially turns into a Hotspot so you can connect, in some cases up to 8 devices to it. For Smartphones and tablets such as an iPhone, Android phone, Kindle Fire or iPad you can access the drive via dedicated Apps.

    So no more networked drives and clunky configurations, put the device anywhere in range in your home or office and share photos, videos and other content. A perfect solution for a home or office network that doesn’t want to rely solely on cloud storage services or physical storage attached to a particular device.

    Most have USB 3.0 and some devices even have ethernet ports for greater flexibility. Some even have car chargers as well so you could bring your movies a long for a ride to entertain passengers in the back.

    Wireless Hotspot for Internet Access

    You can even turn your device into a hotspot to share internet connectivity. As long as one device is connected to the internet, all can share in internet browsing and file sharing.

    So which WiFi drive should you get?

    Linus of NCIX demonstrates the top 4 WiFi drives currently available.

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