Why Paid Advertising is the Future of Tumblr

Why Paid Advertising is the Future of Tumblr image tumblr1 295x300Why Paid Advertising is the Future of TumblrCurrently hosting over 100 million blogs, Tumblr is a testament to the tortoise and the hare adage – faster is not always better. ComScore reports that Tumblr is one of the most consistently growing social networks today, nearly six years after it was founded.

Tumblr’s continuous ascent is especially extraordinary in terms of the magic social metric: time. In March 2013, the average time spent on the site (per user) was 154.1 minutes. That’s about 14 minutes per visit, which is higher than both Facebook and Twitter.

Many have taken note of Tumblr’s increasing popularity – namely, Yahoo! The blogging network was recently acquired by Yahoo for $1.1 billion. It will remain largely as is, with the most significant change being efforts toward monetization.

Improving profits and user experience likely means more ads. A few big brands are early adopters of this marketing strategy, as Adweek reports: “Brands are starting to plug Tumblr into paid ads, just like they did with Facebook a few years ago.”

Champs Sports will be putting Tumblr in digital ads, as well as possibly placing their Tumblr address in TV buys. Retailers Cole Haan and Calvin Klein are promoting their Tumblr pages on subway and display ads.

Almost half of Tumblr visitors are between the ages of 18 and 34. Driving traffic to Tumblr allows brands to reach a different, younger demographic. It also provides a creative outlet in a way that other networks do not. Tumblr is an ideal amplification of visual trends – and a possible marketing force with the introduction of new ad space.

As with all else, mobile is also impacting how users and brands utilize Tumblr. The social blogging network recently rolled out mobile ads on its iPhone and Android apps. They are “native” ads, meaning they will resemble actual posts more than banner ads. The ad-centric feature will be a dollar sign on the post.

The first six ad partners announced include: ABC, GE, Pepsi and Warner Bros. GE’s first ad on Tumblr will be a post featuring an animated GIF of a jet engine. These in-feed ads may not reach everyone on the network until the end of the month.

2013 is the year to get serious about Tumblr. With new opportunities consistently emerging, Tumblr is a unique social blogging network that can help your brand increase its credibility, awareness and traffic.

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