Why Not Do Your Research Yourself?

    By Pete Alexandre | Small Business

    Why Not Do Your Research Yourself? image can on a stringWhy Not Do Your Research Yourself?Outsourcing is commonplace in business; it’s now very much a way of life. For many businesses it’s now the only way to get something done even. With the growth of online services however, businesses have started to take back control of their previously outsourced operations. One area where this is possible is market research. Rather than outsourcing to a third-party, it’s relatively simple to conduct your market research yourself, online.

    What online consumer surveys do is allow you to take back control of your research and cut out the middleman. Think about it; who is really doing the field work for your consumer market research – your agency or someone else that they are paying to do this also? This must surely be adding cost to the research. You do your marketing, selling and day-to-day operations yourself; why not conduct your own market research? Nowadays it’s not as hard as it sounds at all.

    Selecting your target market

    Nobody knows your target customers like you do. You deal with them every day; you’ve built up relationships and they’ve grown with you. In conducting your own market research with an online consumer panel research provider  you are easily able to specially select your target customer. Are you targeting young couples, new parents or commuters? Whatever the specifics of your demographic, you can specify this as part of your research project brief.

    The Benefits of Online Consumer Panels

    Conducting market research is a time-consuming and often daunting process. From designing and building the survey to conducting it and collating the results; there is a lot involved. But a good consumer panel research provider is only too happy to streamline the process and make it as painless as possible to do – so why not take full advantage of this goodwill and get precisely the insight that you need. Conducting your market research through an online consumer panel is far more time efficient, especially beneficial when you are trying to fit your research around running a business. They can help with the design and build and testing of your survey, host it online for you, and all you have to do is sit back and wait for the results to come in. There’s no need to be sending teams of interns out into the streets or have your sales agents try to push a survey when they’ve made a sale. Your survey is working while you’re working – and often the result are available much sooner than you’d expect. Typically most consumer panel research can be completed inside 10 working days – often much less than this.

    Online Consumer Panels are More Flexible

    The flexibility of online consumer panels is the standout highlight of this approach to consumer market research. It’s a great solution for both dedicated market research teams and busy business owners.  Whether you’re looking to cut costs, or you want more control over your market research, dealing directly with your online consumer panel provider allows you to self-manage your market research from beginning to end.

    So why pay more than you need to by relying on 3rd party research providers; why not do your market research yourself?

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