Why an Incentive is a MUST with SMS Marketing

Why an Incentive is a MUST with SMS Marketing image images1Why an Incentive is a MUST with SMS MarketingAn incentive is often offered with a opt-in for an SMS marketing campaign, and with good reason. It really does the job to attract an individual to join in on the fun. While the incentive is option, in all reality it is  a must with SMS marketing especially in order to grow your marketing list and in turn, be able to increase your profits in the long run. A large text marketing list means larger profits and increased brand awareness.

An incentive based text message also helps to encourage potential customers to buy your service or product or even visit your store. It shows the customers that you care about them and their needs and want to be looked at in a positive outlook.

Offering an incentive helps in creating a high response rate to whatever campaign you send out there. It works time and time again. To be able to capture the market and make an impact especially in the competitive business environment, you need to offer incentives as part of your marketing campaign.

In order for your customers to respond positively to whatever type of campaign that you do send out, there has to something for them in form of substantial benefit or added value.

To be able to create a new customer base, you also have to allow your customers to be able to pass an incentive to their family members or friends such as a $4 discount on a beauty treatment or even a free ice-cream scoop at a restaurant.

Types of Incentives

Giveaways and sweepstakes are likely incentives for motivating potential customers to opt in your list or engage in a promotional contest. Once they opt in your list, then you are free to text them with ads for months to come.

Free gifts such as a free appetizer, a dessert, a free ice cream scoop, or a free  drink can also be used in exchange for signing up for promotional texts. Since customers like to be rewarded for taking action especially with a free incentive, this helps to generate more sales and a high opt-in rate.

A now deal, such as a special discount for opting in a list is a great incentive for creating a large list. You may also choose to provide a freebie to the large lists as well.

Mobile coupons can also be used to capture new client base and even to encourage repeat customers. You can provide rewards as incentives for customers who help to increase your customer base by bringing their friends to your business.

Limited-time discounts are ideal for speeding up sales during slowdowns and for driving traffic. These can be in form of lower prices on certain days or discounts on bulk buying.

It is true that incentive based SMS marketing leads to more positive attitude towards the brand and the advertisement plus increasing positive purchase intentions compared to non-incentive text marketing.

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