Why Fiduciary Managers Are the New Rock Stars

An unlikely proposition, perhaps? The person who manages your pension fund or who takes care of your asset management responsibilities is some kind of cultural hero who is effortlessly cool, exudes endless energy and is always on trend? Fiduciary professionals may not seem that cool, but considering the job they do and the protection they give to your money, they’ve got to have something about them.

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As with rock stars, fiduciary managers make money most of the time. Unlike rock stars, these heroic asset managers take far fewer risks and don’t waste your hard-earned cash on a jet-set lifestyle as if there’s no tomorrow. While risk is part and parcel of asset management, any risks they do take are calculated and well-informed ones rather than the kind of risks that might land the rock star with a hefty bill or court case!


Another similarity is that fiduciary managers are always on-trend or even ahead of it. They spend every day analysing the markets. They have daily interactions with pension schemes and investment markets. They can spot the trends, make accurate predictions and with their specialist knowledge make investment decisions about your portfolio to maximise the returns.

While rock stars like to pretend that they don’t care, they do care about giving a good performance. After all, if they fail to entertain and impress the crowd, then the fans won’t stay loyal. While the show may seem spontaneous, there will be a set list and a team behind the rock star ensuring the show does go on. In fiduciary management, performance is everything. Professionals will have a clear strategy agreed with clients so that investments grow, rather than getting bogged down with the daily ups and downs of the market. While a strategy may not seem very showbiz, few stars rise to the top without a plan.


That leads on to the next point. Rock stars are ambitious, even if when they get there some of them may blow it all, which is another distinction between them and fiduciary managers.

Investment schemes will be ambitious and aim to maximise growth, though within common-sense parameters. After all, if you’re not aiming for the top, then your funds may as well stay in a low-interest savings account where very little happens over a long period of time, especially in this current climate.

The final analogy is connecting. Rock stars fill the gaps — they bring something a little extra special to people’s lives, lifting their mood and self-esteem. What could be more uplifting than enjoying a small windfall or discovering your investments are increasing in value? Fiduciary managers also make that connection by linking people’s savings to growth and success. To do that, they need a little bit of that rock-star quality.

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