Why Content Trumps Channel Every Time

It’s amazing how many companies spend copious amounts of budget on complex marketing services and SaaS solutions to help manage social media, SEO, email and other online channels without a plan, budget or strategy for content creation.

The aforementioned are content delivery channels at their core and are only as good as the content delivered on them. Type and quantity of content contribute to the success of the individual channels. However, the quality of the content makes or breaks campaigns.

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Stumbling across a good blog post to read is like receiving a new mp3 player delivered by FedEx. If the mp3 player is an iPod the level of anticipation and excitement is probably much greater than if it were a Magnavox. In fact, the recipient of the iPod, as opposed to the Magnavox, is probably more likely to share the fact that they acquired one.

Does the recipient really care if FedEx delivered the package, as opposed to USPS or UPS? FedEx does, but consumers don’t care as long as the price and delivery time remain the same and the package arrives unharmed. They just want their packages delivered to the front door.

The point is that consumers don’t get excited about the channel content is delivered on. They get excited about the quality and type of content they receive – whether it solves their problems and/or entertains them. Demonstrate publishing frequency and consistency and excited content consumers will demand more.

Content consumers choose which channels to frequent because they perceive they will receive valuable content that’s important to them. Providers of the best content get the most visibility across all prudent channels.


If marketers spent the same level of energy and resources crafting amazing blog posts, whitepapers, guides, ebooks, videos, case studies and so on, as they do channel tools and services the web would offer a better consumer experience than it does today.

Marketers don’t have to sacrifice content production resources at the behest of individual channels. Good content is organically distributed across all channels – which cost nothing.

For help creating powerful content that gets organically distributed across multiple channels access the blog post optimization guide.

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