Why Companies Struggle Recruiting Multicultural Millennials

Why Companies Struggle Recruiting Multicultural Millennials image recruiting multicultural millennialsWhy Companies Struggle Recruiting Multicultural Millennials

Do you guys remember the television show “Cheers”? I liked that show. I really liked the theme song too. There is one line in the “Cheers” theme song that really stood out to me and that I would always sing a little louder than the rest of the song. It’s the line that goes “sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name”. Part of the reason that I sang that part louder was because that was one of the few lines in the song that I actually knew, but also because that line really resonated with me. I’m sure that line resonated with many of you as well. That’s just part of our human nature. We seek cultures and environments where we feel welcomed.

What’s interesting about “Cheers” is, as successful as the TV show was, I never wanted to go to “that Cheers”. I always imagined going to my own version of “Cheers” where there were more people that looked like me.

I didn’t want them all to look like me, but I didn’t want them all to look like each other while I was the only one who liked like me either. Many of the multicultural millennials that I coach, counsel and mentor have expressed this same “Cheers” dynamic at their current employer and/or companies that are recruiting them.

Recruiting top multicultural millennial talent requires a company to be aware of the external message it sends regarding the organizations cultural competence as well as its cross-generational appeal. HR departments, recruiters and/or talent managers need to take a long hard look at the product that they are presenting to the outside world in their recruiting efforts.

What do the images on your website look like? Where are you showing up on social media? Are you even leveraging social media? What causes do you support? What is the cultural, generational and gender make-up of the decision makers encountered during the interview process? All these things are a reflection of your cultural and generational brand identity. Essentially, your recruiting efforts should be approached as a brand essence exercise in how you are building both an emotional and rational connection with multicultural millennials.

Money matters and size matters! But those are no longer the winning criteria in the battle for top talent. Being the biggest company that pays the most isn’t enough anymore. Multicultural millennials are looking for corporate cultures that appeal to their cultural sensibilities as well as their millennial mindset.

Sometimes you just want to go where everybody knows your name and they don’t all look the same… Cheers!

“We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race.” –Kofi Annan

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