Where to Spend Your Online Ad Dollars

Many smaller advertisers are finally beginning to see how influential online advertising can be, and are embracing online ads in record numbers. 73% of advertisers surveyed are committing significantly more budget to online in 2013. For those who haven’t ventured past search ads on Adwords or have yet to make the commitment to online its easy and cost effective to get started with Adwords search ads. Using keywords, geographic, demographic and interest targeting delivers your ads to relevant people on the sites they visit, at just the right time. This saves a lot of wasted ad dollars delivering ads to people who aren’t interested. Facebook advertising is easy to manage, and inexpensive and targets people by their interests. Expanding into Local display builds name recognition while driving traffic to their websites. More sophisticated advertisers might consider running video ads using broadcast commercials and video content to get better engagement. Note: Doing your homework or hiring a pro will get you better performance, lower your costs and most likely drive more sales. Here are some of the different types of ad channels and the benefits of each:

Search is king.
Search ads generally get the best response. Thats because people using search have the highest intent to act. While search ads can be dry, they are a great way to drive the most qualified customers to your landing page.

Facebook advertising builds brand on a budget
Facebook’s low CPM and great local targeting make it ideal for brand and awareness building. While CTR (click through rates) are generally low, your ads are targeted to people in your region by relevancy, interest and social reach.

Video Ads have the highest levels of sharing and retention
You don’t need production quality video. Simple videos that highlight your services or offer information will not only engage people, but help in your search results as well. 86% of social media users are more likely to watch an entire video. 27% will share it with an average of 130 friends.

Mobile advertising will be crucial
Americans spend on average 2.7 hours a day on their mobile devices. Over half of all online searches are now done on a mobile device. Mobile advertising delivered locally is must. Consider in app banner ads and mobile Click to Call Ads that automatically dial your phone when clicked. Like all other types of ads, these are targeted by geographic, demographic behavior and interests.

You don’t need a huge budget to see great results. Online advertising  has 100x the reach of direct mail and print, making it the most effective way to advertise. And using a blend of search, social display and mobile can increase results by up to 23%. This makes a cross-channel approach the most effective way to spend your ad dollars.

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