Is Your Website Like Bassfield, Mississippi?

One Stop-light Towns

Some websites are like New York City, and some are like Bassfield, Mississippi.

New York has several large highways running to and through it, bringing traffic and business to
a thriving metropolis. Bassfield, Mississippi has cows and grass, this guy (see right), a dusty road, one stoplight, and a general store. No highways, no airports, bus stations, WalMarts, or train stations. InIs Your Website Like Bassfield, Mississippi? image BassfieldaIs Your Website Like Bassfield, Mississippi? consequence, Bassfield doesn’t get much traffic at all, and their businesses don’t thrive and grow. Your website is very similar to a city. In order to get traffic and business there need to be many roads sprouting from it and several highways running to it and through it in order to bring you business and growth. This includes links from other authoritative sites with traffic, blogs, and social media. These methods turns your website into a magnetic hub as opposed to a static and boring digital pamphlet. Having important “highways” connect to your city is also seen as a way for your city to become considered important.

Google PageRank

The concept behind Google’s PageRank system is surprisingly simple and actually based on work at Stanford University on how to measure the authority and significance of academic papers. The number of other papers that cite and reference it determines the credibility of a given academic paper.  The more citations a given paper has, the better and more credible the paper. A citation from another paper that itself has a high number of citations is considered to carry more weight. This is the same method that runs Google PageRank, except web pages are being measured instead of academic papers. The citations are like links from other web pages. The authority and credibility of a page is calculated by the number of inbound links from other web pages and the authority of those pages. In light of this idea, here are 5 things I have learned that will make your site into a New York City.

1. Blogging

Blogging increasing traffic to your website because the more content you are sharing, the more frequently you are posting, and the more people are sharing your site, the higher you are going to rank on Google. The more pages you have, there are more Google “keywords” for you to rank for. Every page is a chance for you to rank for a different keyword. Creating great, sharable content that people love to read and share with their network is imperative and will prove to be beneficial to your marketing strategy.

4. Prioritizing quality over quantity

Although numerous links can increase your existence in the online scene, the competition does not solely rely on quantity. Reputable, engaging, relevant content draws more potential affiliates and a loyal audience.

3. Being sociable

Building a network is the goal of social media sites. Now, you can use that advantage to increase your traffic. Search engines can recognize your authority by how many links are created from being connected to lots of people and sites. However, do not confuse social media with spamming. The difference between the two is that the former “cares,” while the latter is just random. If you have quality content, there’s no reason to worry why you won’t be shared.

4. Being sharable

Start thinking about how you are going to create content that oozes substance. Answer difficult questions. Break a story. Solve customer problems. Make your audience laugh. Offer a strong (yet considered) opinion. Good content spreads like a good weekend story that people can’t wait to tell their friends.

5. Engaging forums and groups

Getting into forums and groups can build awareness and drive traffic to your website. In these spots, you can connect with people that are already talking about what you are selling, writing, or creating. Engaging people with questions and good conversation can build interest and lead them to check you out if they are interested.

Some small towns are content with staying small. The comfort and simplicity of a minimalist lifestyle can be relaxing. However, big cities make a difference. They are the hub for lifestyle, movement, art, and culture and what happens in them can affect change worldwide. Do you still want your online presence to be like Bassfield? Stepping out of your comfort zone and adding a few major highways can bring a boom to your city.

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