Volkswagen Planning Ducati-Powered Version of XL1 Hybrid

Volkswagen put the motoring world on notice with the hyper-efficient XL1. The limited-run, two-seater is capable of 280 miles per gallon from a plug-in hybrid drivetrain. But if you want your fuel economy AND performance, Volkswagen might be working on a “high-performance” variant just for you.

According to UK’s Autocar, VW is planning on a vehicle that would swap out the 47-horsepower 1-liter two-cylinder engine and replace it with an 1189cc Ducati motorcycle. The new engine would be capable of 187 horsepower at an insane 10,750 rpm.

Volkswagen XLR

The vehicle would be called the XLR (Autocar‘s rendering seen here) and it is unclear if the Ducati mill would replace merely the current internal combustion engine, fitting into the rest of the current hybrid setup–or if it would be the standalone powertrain. This also is one of the first major revelations of Volkswagen’s recent purchase of Ducati.

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The XLR was first confirmed by Volkswagen chairman of the board, Ferdinand Piech back at the end of September. But this is the first word we’ve heard regarding the drivetrain, and we’re pretty excited about the idea of fuel efficient performance motoring.


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