Visuals and Social Media – Why You Need Photos For Your Online Presence :: Magnet Minute (video)

This week on the Magnet Minute, Amy talks about photos and how using them to engage your social media audience is essential to increase awareness about your brand.

You’ve definitely heard names like Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest in the social media world. Photo-sharing applications that are growing in popularity and are therefore encouraging brands to think more visually with their content. Facebook picked up on how important it is to embrace this activity and acquired Instagram, which now works seamlessly on the largest social media platform in the world.

While text-based status updates are important for you audience, through photos, you’ll gain even greater attention. Not only is it easier to understand content instantaneously through a visual, it’s also easier to make a deeper connection as well. Because of this, integrating photography within the walls of your brand is very important. It can provide a glimpse of what life is like for you, creating substance that a typical customer wouldn’t usually be able to see, which is always a great way to make a connection.

This task can be given to you community manager, who can easily handle it as they’re already directly making online connections with your community. That person can get a feel for which types of images performs best. Empower your social media department to let your customers feel a part of your brand by sharing these images and moments when possible and when appropriate.

Here’s a couple ideas for image incorporation: share your office space with your community. It’s nice for your audience to know and better understand the environment that you see every day at your brand. You could even take a photo of your blog content authors in their working space where they create that content, which gives a personal touch of the author at work in his or her atmosphere.

In-house photography is necessary for these sorts of tasks, but sometimes there are content pieces that need a pretty specific photo that only a stock site could supply. One of the best sites you can go to is There are a variety of licensing options for your needs there, you should be prepared to pay a bit for your images. This is a good option for more significant photo needs like an ad campaign or a video. Shutterstock is also good for these. is a great option to get familiar with which photos are available for you to use for free (with credit to the authors for less significant photo needs like blog posts or a status update). You will often find just as great of stock photos options here as you would on a paid site. (Additionally, there are pay options on this site too, if you find the perfect photo for a greater purpose.)Remember: get personal with your brand by incorporating photos directly from you, but use stock photos to stay visual at times when you can’t take the photo yourself but need something to really grab your audience’s attention.What are some ways you’re using photos with social media?

Any thoughts on photography on social media? Do you use it often on your branded accounts? Let us know in the comments and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.

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