Tom Cruise’s Personal Trailer for Adam Carolla’s Paul Newman Doc [video]

It’s pretty widely known that podcaster/actor/director/comedian Adam Carolla’s insane for the Bob Sharp-prepped Datsuns and Nissans that Paul Newman drove in his successful racing career. Now, Carolla’s working on a film documenting Newman’s racing life, and he’s trying to get the trailer for it into Tom Cruise’s hands. He put this sizzle reel together specifically to grab Cruise’s attention.

Cruise raced under Newman and Sharp’s direction after the two actors worked on the Martin Scorsese movie The Color of Money. Newman also worked with Cruise on the racing segments in the film Days of Thunder.

Carolla Newman car

Carolla is hoping to get Cruise to sit down to talk about his experience with Paul Newman. Trouble is, the Mission Impossible franchise actor’s publicists aren’t too hot with having Cruise do anything unrelated to acting like somebody who isn’t a lunatic.

Exhibit A:

Tom Cruise

Exhibit B:

Tom Cruise Oprah

The sizzle reel is on YouTube, and Carolla hopes that eventually, it’ll work its way past Cruise’s publicity folks, and directly into the actor’s hands so he can make his own decision about sitting down to talk about his experiences.

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