Are Video Tags the New Frontier in Online Advertising?

Over-the-top TV is getting interactive.

In what will likely become common practice for online TV viewing, Spanish public television company, Televisión Española (TVE), teamed up with video tagging engine, The Mad Video to tag episodes of its hit show, “Isabel,” for online viewers. The clickable tags provide additional, relevant information at viewers’ fingertips, ranging from more details about characters, historical events (like the Moor’s Last Sigh), and places (the Monastery of Guadalupe), without viewers having to search themselves.

By providing context-relevant information to viewers while they are in discovery mode, engagement rates (which includes social sharing) and audience interaction rose significantly:

* Increased Web traffic: Each video generated an average of 13,000 new visits for the show’s site through interactive content.
* High CTR: The click through rate (CTR) on calls to action averaged 15%, well above current average banner ad CTRs of 0.2%.
* Extended reach of content: With users sharing video tags through social channels Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, overall reach increased by 44% per video.
* Lengthened viewing time: Viewers who looked at interactive content spent an average of 19% more time on the video.

Impressive, right?

There’s another important benefit here for advertisers. Product or brand SEO rises when it is included in a tag using The Mad Video.

Here’s why: In addition to tweets and posts by viewers, the video tags are indexed in search engines, so users around the world are seeing scenes and tags from the Spanish “Isabel” in their search results, boosting SEO. For example, a Google search [in Spanish] for the burial place of Henry IV of Castile provides two links to the video within the first five results. Additionally, when a user tags a video with a product or brand, The Mad Video automatically creates a landing page for that brand or product, which also boosts SEO.

Ignacio Gómez, Entertainment Director of Multimedia Contents at raves about the collaboration with The Mad Video. “It’s a trailblazing way to get more people onto your site to watch your videos and engage with your content.”

With more people watching their favorite shows online, it’s only a matter of time before this exciting technology takes off in the U.S.!

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