VG to face Newbee in The International 2014 grand final

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    Whichever team wins the grand final, China will be claiming The International 2014 (TI4)’s Aegis.

    Vici Gaming (VG) emerged victorious from the lower bracket after winning 2-1 against American team Evil Geniuses (EG) and have advanced to the grand final where it will be facing Newbee. Aside from EG, other casualties on the last day of the lower bracket matches include two crowd favorites—Cloud 9 (C9) and Team DK.

    Check out how the brackets turned out:


    This year’s results are quite similar to The International 2012 (TI2), which was also dominated by Chinese teams. TI4, however, will be the first International to have two Chinese teams in the grand final. This year’s champion will receive a cash prize of over $5 million while the second placer will receive $1.47 million. Here’s the current prize distribution:


    The best-of-five grand finals between Newbee and VG will be played tomorrow, July 22, 12:00 midnight (GMT+8). Schedules, results, and livestreams can be found here. You can also check out our TI4 coverage here.

    For yesterday’s roundup:
    • TI4 to crown a new champion after Na’Vi and iG fall


    On the second day of the main event, Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) and Invictus Gaming (iG) have been knocked out of the tournament by Cloud 9 (C9) and LGD respectively.

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