Venue lets visitors work, play, and climb


It’s often said that with a healthy body comes a healthy mind — getting a good amount of exercise can help stimulate the mental processes required for higher productivity rates. Offering a space for both physical and mental activities, Brooklyn Boulders is a rock climbing facility that also provides a collaborative work space.

Located in Somerville, Massachusetts, the building is primarily a space for climbers, but positioned on a mezzanine above all of the action is an area where anyone can get some work done, have a group meeting, or interact with the other freelance workers there. Rather than being a quiet space, the atmosphere in the area is designed to keep users’ minds stimulated. As well as traditional and stand-up desks, workers can sit on workout balls to keep their body moving and even take advantage of push up bars located above their heads. If they need to take a break, they can easily book themselves into a yoga class, or head to the walls for a spot of rock climbing — both a physical and mental sport requiring participants to solve the problem of getting to the top of each wall. The video below explains a bit more about the space:

The Brooklyn Boulders active collaborative workspace inspires creative and innovative thinking and has already been popular with teams from startups such as Uber and Zipcar. How else can work spaces be rethought in order to greater meld work and play?


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