I’ve Got 99 Problems but a Niche Ain’t One

Whenever an Affiliate begins a new website their main priority is to select a niche. There are thousands of niches to choose from; choosing one that will be the best fit for you is a challenge. Going forward, your niche choice will impact your decision making.

Research Research Research

When it comes to selecting a niche, there can be no shortage of research. You have to analyze the niche from every angle including traffic volume, competitor analysis, and earnings potential.

Going in without proper facts and figures to back up your decision will lead to negative results. You have to have a reason why you chose this specific niche.

Something of Interest

Perhaps the niche is an area of interest for you. Maybe you have wanted to learn more about the subject area. Choosing a niche in something you are interested in and want to learn more about is a great place to begin.

Work will never seem like work again because you enjoy learning more about it. Also you are coming at the subject from the same place the potential site visitor is, both have interest in topic.

Work Experience

You may opt in for a niche where you have some work experience in. You are already an expert in the subject area and require minimal research.

Being an expert is good and all but this choice may be overwhelming for you because you are constantly being surrounded in the subject area, at work and at home. Be careful with your selection so that it doesn’t seem like a burden when you are working on your marketing.


Say there is something you are passionate about, sports or travel. Picking a niche encompassing your passion is a great decision. You will never work a day in your life, it will always be fun.

Since you are passionate about the subject, you are less likely to become bored of it. Also, you are probably well versed in the area since you really enjoy learning about it which will cut down your research.

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