Urban billboard ad repurposed as rain catcher in community garden

We’ve seen billboard ads repurposed for other uses, and we’ve seen a billboard that captures drinking water. Now combining a bit of both concepts, natural beauty company Burt’s Bees recently donated an old billboard ad to a school for reuse as a rain catcher.

Last year Burt’s Bees created an interactive billboard featuring thousands of tear-off product coupons to promote a new line of hydration cream. Originally placed in Minneapolis, the billboard has since been donated to the urban gardening students at Durham School of the Arts in North Carolina. Repurposed as a rain catching system, the billboard captures more than 6,300 gallons of rain water each year for use in the school’s community garden. The video below explains the premise in more detail:

Innovations involving reduce, reuse and recycle seem to be coming thick and fast. Eco-minded entrepreneurs around the globe: how could you enable something similar?

Website: www.burtsbees.com
Contact: www.burtsbees.com/c/footernav/need-help/contact-us.html

Spotted by: Murray Orange

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