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    By Mitz Pantic | Small Business

    They call it “Oscar” in honor of the great jazz pianist Oscar Peterson, a new HTML 5 media player inbuilt into WordPress 3.6. This means that we can actually pressed the ad media button and upload a video into WordPress. Of course I could not wait and uploaded a video as soon as possible.

    It was as easy as uploading an image file.

    Please note: This only works if your site has been upgraded to WordPress 3.6. If you do not see a video below then you will see the new shortcode in it’s place.

    [video width="720" height="480" mp4=""][/video]

    See original video here.

    This is a video I made showing inside the MRR website. It is an Mp4 video file type. You can already easily embed Youtube videos into WordPress which still is probably the best option for most people, as videos are large and take up space and bandwidth. Your server may not be able to cope with streaming audio so I suggest you test it out before publishing to the public.

    Video File Types Supported by WordPress

    • mp4/m4v
    • wmv
    • mov/qt
    • flv
    • webm
    • ogv
    • mp3/m4a/m4b
    • ogg/oga
    • wma
    • wav

    You could upload the video to a CDN like Amazon, make it public, then use that url for the video. That might save your server storing all the large video files.

    Upload a Video to WordPress – New Media Player Embed image embed videoUpload a Video to WordPress – New Media Player Embed

    Embed Video From Your CDN Like Amazon

    All you have to do is upload your video to your Amazon s3 account and make the file public. Then grab the url and simply paste it on a line by itself, not making it link, just plain text.

    Here is a video showing how to embed a video from Amazon S3

    This video has been embedded from Youtube and looks kind of ugly now.

    Other new features of WordPress 3.6 include:

    • A the new twenty thirteen theme that is made for all devices and was inspired by modern art which puts more focus on your content.
    • The WordPress revisions was also revamped to allow you to scroll through changes and see exactly who changed what and when.
    • Augmented autosave is going to definitely save my butt when I close my browser without saving.
    • The Word press menu has been made easier to understand and use.
    • A new HTML 5 media player built-in so you can just upload a video to WordPress and it will play on your website.
    • New audio embed, without having to rely on external services.

    WordPress is turning out to be unbelievable and I almost feel guilty for using it for free.

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