Two Productivity Apps to Better Manage Your Digital World

    By Jeff Korhan | Small Business

    Two Productivity Apps to Better Manage Your Digital World image photo copy1 600x338Two Productivity Apps to Better Manage Your Digital World

    Any.Do List with Calendar

    The recent updates for productivity list manager Any.Do make this an app that will help organize your personal life and connect the dots to new business opportunities.

    Any.Do has been around for a few years and has always had a nice user-friendly interface.

    The calendar and web-based email integration are what really separate Any.Do from so many others.

    For years I’ve enjoyed using Checkvist, another shareable productivity checklist application that continues to get better – and has always proved reliable. I use it to grab web pages and ideas to enhance my productivity by keeping my projects, presentations, and events organized.

    The combination of the powerful Checkvist for heavy lifting with the nimble Any.Do is an ideal productivity solution.

    Both applications capture ideas and other content on the fly to have it readily available by synchronizing it across all of your computing devices. By combining their respective strengths you will better stay on top of your game.

    Any.Do and Checkvist

    Checkvist and Any.Do both offer browser and mobile capabilities – and both are built for speed.

    Checkvist is more powerful and better suited for use on your laptop or desktop computer, with features such as hastags and color-coding proving useful for organizing related lists into categories for research and planning. Simple keystrokes are the secret to keeping its use easy and fast.

    Any.Do is simpler – making it ideal for day-to-day use. It integrates with voice, text, calendars, and email – and that is where most of us can save time if we engage its full capabilities. While Any.Do is designed for Android devices, nearly all of its features work with iOS too.

    To be honest, the Any.Do extension for Google Chrome was the motivation I needed to make the switch to that faster browser.

    Any.Do and Google

    If you are using Gmail or any other web-based email client, Any.Do will allow you to capture important information on the fly. Just click on the Any.Do icon and add important emails to one of our lists. However, know that it is designed to ideally work with Google Gmail.

    Two Productivity Apps to Better Manage Your Digital World image 2013 02 22 AnyDoTwo Productivity Apps to Better Manage Your Digital World

    Any.Do Email Integration

    The preceding image highlights my capture of a webmail for one on my respective lists – making it available where and when I need it most. It grabs the subject heading of the email, which you can then modify for taking next actions.

    Also notice the green call icon in the first image above. When you enter keywords such as “call” or “contact,” Any.Do automatically integrates its feature for emailing, calling, or texting that contact with just one click.

    Both Any.Do and Checkvist offer a number of additional features that make them worthy of your attention.

    However, it is the combination of the two together that gives you a simple system for running a better business in our digital world.

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