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Turn Your Twitter Archive Into A Book image twitterbook14Turn Your Twitter Archive Into A Book

Twitter gave us an early Christmas gift last year; the ability to request an archive of all of your tweets. I never thought I would use the feature because I didn’t think I would see any kind of benefit. It would just be a walk down memory lane and nothing else.

Just a day ago, I wanted to know the year and month that I joined Twitter for one of my blog posts. Downloading the archive and looking at my first tweet was the best way to go. I got a big list of 9,727 tweets (that’s how many tweets I had when I requested the archive). I found my first tweet, and I put the year and month on my blog post. Then, I looked into the statistics. I figured out that tweet an average of 800 or more times every month.

Here’s the statistic that impressed me the most. All of those tweets combined contained over 130,000 words. That’s more words than all of my blog posts as a guest blogger and my own blog combined! I calculated that 130,000 words is equal to over 300 pages on Kindle. That’s even more pages on mobile devices since those are smaller than the Kindle.

Writing a book isn’t as hard as many people think. You can use your tweets to write a book. If you tweet 800 times every month, you’ll have 9,600 tweets every year. If your tweets contain an average of 10 words, you’ll have a total of 96,000 words which is more than enough to write a book.

Your Twitter archive will contain a lot of information, facts, and statistics. You have the power to use that information in anyway you would like to use it. One of the ways you can use your archives is to turn your tweets into books, 140 characters at a time.

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