In Turkey, investors put their money into new startups while they fly


Regular readers of Springwise may remember Virgin Atlantic‘s in-flight art gallery, which helps passengers with cash to spend find a new piece of art for their home. Now Turkish Airlines is introducing its Invest on Board program, enabling investors to discover and support new businesses while they fly.

Developed for the airline in collaboration with startup incubator eTohum, the scheme will be a part of the in-flight entertainment for business class customers. Taking the form of a video channel, passengers can browse pitches by ten new startups predominantly from Turkey — currently including an independent game studio, e-commerce platform, and crowdsourced shopping guide. The aim of the program is to help investors take advantage of a time when they’re typically away from their phone and business tasks and can concentrate on the presentations. If any of the startups seem interesting, their contact details are made available for investors to follow up once they’re on the ground.

Virgin Atlantic also temporarily had its own in-flight channel — PitchTV — dedicated to giving airtime to new startups back in 2009, but Invest on Board will be a set fixture for business class fliers on the airline. What other unusual places can startups get their name heard?


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