Tracking employees’ exercise regimes to reduce insurance premiums


One of the easiest ways for businesses to bring down their insurance premiums is to provide proof that they are at low risk. With a plethora of exercise trackers available to consumers these days, FwdHealth is now taking advantage of such devices, helping companies cut their health insurance policies by monitoring employee fitness levels.

Designed to work with apps such as RunKeeper and Sleep Time, as well as devices like the Fitbit and Nike+, FwdHealth aggregates the data to provide a summary of each individual’s exercise regime, diet and sleeping patterns in real time. From the platform’s dashboard, managers can then see an overview of their entire team — noting those who are excelling at their workouts, or those who aren’t getting a good night’s sleep. Not only can business leaders gain a greater insight into their workforce — which could lead to improved productivity — but they can use the data to win better health insurance deals for their employees.

While some may see the platform as an invasion of privacy, it could help create a positive culture of good health in companies that use it. FwdHealth currently has packages available for small businesses, mid-size companies and larger enterprises, and interested parties need to contact the startup for a quote. Are there other ways to encourage healthy lifestyles in the workplace?


Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise

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