Top 5 Pins: Pumpkin Treats and Recipes

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    Pumpkins are the superstars of the fall season. Due to its limited availability during the rest of the year (and undeniable deliciousness), pumpkin has found its way into many of our favorite traditional recipes. With so many recipes to experiment with, it can be a daunting task to decide which ones you want to try. With the help of our amazingly talented network of food blog influencers, we decided to save you the trouble of helplessly searching Pinterest for the best pumpkin recipes. If you’ve got a no-carve pumpkin leftover from Halloween or some pumpkin puree idly sitting at home, then take a look at our top 5 pins to whip up some delicious pumpkin treats this season! Don’t forget to check out their blogs to find some more awesome recipes!

    1. Crème Fraîche, Cornmeal, & Pumpkin Coffee Cake via Local Milk

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    Coffee cake is your morning brew’s best friend. Nothing pairs better than those two. Here is Local Milk’s adaptation of the traditional coffee cake! Bake a warm batch of pumpkin coffee cake and top it off with some sweet creme fraiche and pumpkin seeds. It will definitely remedy your slowest and most uneventful mornings.

    2. Salted Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Cookies via Picky Palate

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    Cookies are the simplest and most versatile desserts. Make them sweet, nutty, crispy or however you like to tease your palate. Picky Palate does exactly like that with this amazing pumpkin chocolate chunk cookie. It’s sweet, salty, and tastes just like fall. Definitely need one of these with a cold glass of milk!

    3. Pumpkin Mac and Cheese via Marla Meridith

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    By now you’ve probably seen the internet’s never-ending list of pumpkin infused desserts. To change things up a bit, we took at look at Family Fresh Cooking’s twist on everybody’s favorite dish, mac and cheese. With so much flavor loaded with cheese, spices, and pumpkin – it’s bound to become a classic favorite this holiday season. Seconds will be inevitable.

    4. Pumpkin Butter via Tidy Mom

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    Being an avid fan of the pumpkin butter from Trader Joe’s, this recipe by Tidy Mom really hits home for me. If you’ve never had the chance to give pumpkin butter a try, now is your chance. This is a guarantee finger-lickin’ treat for everybody so don’t hesitate to make a jar before it’s too late. Careful though! You might find yourself at the bottom of the jar before you know it.

    5. Pumpkin Scones via Fakeginger

    Top 5 Pins: Pumpkin Treats and Recipes image v1MqecUotBbHel0CPmcH2 DiS14WWDk3NBjFbYtUrIX oJkSIu07yzgGURxvJXFQYkeS69tkmP5nuBYi3wciQVfkFobDgp9CMZH7V602MxOEoVnpt9e5klUlnwTop 5 Pins: Pumpkin Treats and Recipes

    Scones from your local bakery are delicious, but nothing beats enjoying a warm pastry hot from the oven. Fakeginger re-creates the perfect pumpkin scone for you to enjoy as a little pick-me-up snack during the day. Have it with a cup of coffee, before dinner, or at the park – there is no wrong way to eat scone.

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