Top 5 Pins: Kids Who Nailed Halloween

    By Ran Kim | Small Business

    Halloween is probably the best day of the year if you fulfill these following criterias – you enjoy long summer days playing lava monster and your favorite food is a triple deluxe chocolate cake. When you’re a kid, nothing beats a day when you can go to school as your favorite superhero or princess and come home at the end of the day with a sack of candy. To get your trick or treater to be the buzz of the town, you need to dress them up in the most unique Halloween costume anybody will ever lay eyes on. It may take some extra blood, sweat, and tears to pull off, but the giant smile and mountain of candy they get at the end of the day will be worth it. Take a look at this week’s top 5 pins to see our favorite kids who nailed Halloween!

    1. Up, Up, and Away with CarlTop 5 Pins: Kids Who Nailed Halloween image hUJ0CVqv8NxXxHXP8drtNkr9kjimw8dcTq zQ 49zEz2ZS2B0tpG56nazTTsy6ghLvaM8sOX7vToXt8yEKhBXqftE79sBO6S8wxU9Fmn9031iRKDceeFDA9X2wTop 5 Pins: Kids Who Nailed Halloween

    It’s Our favorite Pixar grump, Carl! Who would’ve thought this senile old man would become one of the most memorable characters in animation? Dress your little one in a dapper attire and add some balloons and a makeshift walker. Go boldly to where no other trick or treater will go and remember, adventure is out there!

    2. Aesop’s FablesTop 5 Pins: Kids Who Nailed Halloween image K5rAskNyhARWJU Tqkq0YYtOBcikGsQVi6SGft4VS6jTDcW0ON0w963yT wr th50MU6LKjYCO9Vj60Vh94kjUWKOyQEV Nbr3cgdM2yo3eS Mp0bX7DXTVAEwTop 5 Pins: Kids Who Nailed Halloween

    “Grandma, what big teeth you have!” “The better to eat your candy with, my child!” Some of the best costumes are pulled off in groups. If you have more than one little trick or treater, it’s a great chance to pull off a more interactive costume like this one for Red Riding Hood.

    3. Max and the Wild ThingsTop 5 Pins: Kids Who Nailed Halloween image fXCnINoRNUfgkiwGk7 gT85UEdm2bYpix8xsFyg7idR3woxCSKrbf9kdUME71nwdLci7VBL 3WXBemKScAlMmfu6TW1dU4KdVM5L6k4d cV3pR3WQqcHRRMjvQTop 5 Pins: Kids Who Nailed Halloween

    Kids are ambitious and ardent self promoters of their tiniest talents. They tell you they are the fairest princess of the land or the most cunning space pilot in the galaxy. They dream big and you should do nothing less than support it. Let their imagination run wild on Halloween and dress them up as Max, the King of the Wild Things!

    4. Monkey-ing AroundTop 5 Pins: Kids Who Nailed Halloween image JSWhdgfLJ4m0 0Ydu3mq4GaGq9mvy8tZy1B3Vtk9vKqIjMySm9kDCYgesGccIDlN9Q9jpK2saHyS8SyhqVIWoaPVR0htGxgIcqg27sT8OcRB2d09CaYm6R6k4QTop 5 Pins: Kids Who Nailed Halloween

    There are simply no words for this one. If this isn’t the cutest costume you’ve ever seen, then we don’t know how to help you.

    5. Breakfast At Tiffany’sTop 5 Pins: Kids Who Nailed Halloween image 2Zr CjzkbMq1nWpko8bvzeF8IcJHicJ4Yz06oGu9K8HXqFP1Zlbcf6YxFLTeNsFscUS kY kkw7753zmA3Zif6LjoUjnWLgR5u6eA C4u6 b4mCVx01aU72owTop 5 Pins: Kids Who Nailed Halloween

    Princesses are great for Halloween with their frills, crowns, and glitter. It’s every little girl’s dream but honestly, they’re so overplayed. Mix things up from the predictable princess costume and have your child dress up as the classy and iconic Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. She’ll be sure to charm all the parents for some extra treats.

    Share with us some of your favorite costume ideas for Halloween this year!

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