Top 5 Misconceptions About SEO

    By Peter Moore | Small Business

    Top 5 Misconceptions About SEO image seo misconceptions 300x86Top 5 Misconceptions About SEOSearch engine optimization is a very popular topic since every webmaster wishes they could improve the ranking of their web pages in search results. If you want to learn more about SEO, you should go over this article to make sure you are not falling for common misconceptions on this topic.

    Search engine optimization is not about tricking search engine spiders. If you use unethical methods, your web pages will not be indexed in search results. Unethical methods are also known as Black Hat SEO and include hiding content on your pages, stuffing keywords in your meta tags or using false redirection URLs. You will probably get good results for a few weeks but search engines will eventually realize that you are not using ethical methods and ban your pages from search results.

    Do not expect your XML sitemap to make a difference if your website is not well-organized. Your sitemap will help search engine spiders find all your pages but few pages will be indexed if they are not well-connected. Use the same main keyword phrases on all your pages and use links to connect all your pages. You should create some site-wide links to establish your main pages as a basis for the structure of your website and create multiple connections between your different pages through individual links.

    The number of back-links you have does not matter. What really matters is where these links are placed, how noticeable they are and how much traffic they bring to your site. Your back-links need to be placed on websites or blogs the readers you want to target are likely to visit. Contact webmasters and bloggers who have a similar audience and ask if they would like to feature your content in exchange for some links on your site. Choose the sites you associate with very carefully since their reputation and ranking will affect your ranking.

    Keywords are important but you should not include as many keywords as possible on your pages. Search engine spiders will consider your content to meet low quality standards if you include too many keywords in your texts. Keywords should not represent more than 10% of your content, but you should place them smartly. Keywords will be noticed if you place them in your different tags. This includes title tags, anchor texts, alt tags and meta tags.

    Do not assume that your work is done once you have optimized your website. Search engines often update the methods used to index web pages. You need to stay up to date with these innovations and use new SEO techniques to improve your campaign. You should subscribe to updates from SEO experts to learn about the latest trends and techniques you can use to optimize your website. Do not hesitate to make major changes to your website if your SEO campaign is not longer relevant to the methods used by search engines.

    You should be able to develop an efficient SEO campaign after reading this article. Take the time to do more research on SEO techniques to make sure you develop a comprehensive campaign.

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