The Top 5 Insider Secrets for Getting Your Business Email Opened by More People

The Top 5 Insider Secrets for Getting Your Business Email Opened by More People image email marketing 300x199The Top 5 Insider Secrets for Getting Your Business Email Opened by More PeopleEvery Internet marketer’s goal is to generate a huge opt-in list of subscribers who are interested in what you sell. As every marketer worth his (or her) salt knows, the money is in your email list. There is literally no other marketing tactic that provides as high a ROI as email marketing to your private opt-in list. Therefore, the goal of every Internet marketer should be to build an email list of hundreds of thousands of people (opt-in emails ONLY – no spamming).

Once you begin building your list of opt-in email addresses, your real work as a marketer begins. Having a huge list of opt-in email subscribers has little value if you cannot get them to buy what you sell. The first major obstacle you face in marketing to your list is to get them to open and read your email.

There are five simple yet very effective tactics you can use to get your potential customers to not only open your email, but to actually read your email and take action (buy from you).

1. Focus on your “From” line. Before someone clicks on an email, they analyze both the “From” line and the “Subject” line. The From line has to include something an individual recognizes and trusts. If your business focuses on a certain name or slogan, such as McDonalds, or Subway, then you would want to use the brand name in the “From” line. However, if your customers recognize you as an individual, then include your personal name, preferably your first and last name. This will create a feeling of familiarity and trust, and it is trust that gets people to click on your email and open it.

2. Understand the purpose of your “Subject” line. Subject lines are not the means by which you will sell your product. Instead, a subject line’s purpose is to engage your customer. You want them to become interested in what the rest of your email will say on the subject you present. Your subject line should not be too obvious in its goal or too obscure that it generates little to no interest. The middle ground is to create a subject line that allows for the risk of opening the email. The individual has to feel like it is worth their time to click on and read the email. The subject line has to be important and emotionally exciting for an individual to click on your email message to open it.

3. Consider how people use their email inbox. The email inbox is a tool for sorting important emails from unimportant garbage/spam. People go to their email’s inbox to get rid of things they do not need, and sort through their email leaving only what is either interesting or important. If you give your subject line a monetary or emotional value such as, “18% off coupon inside for our most popular widget”, or, “5 Dr. Recommend Tips for Improving Your Life Today”, your email has a far greater chance of being kept as being important and read.

4. Make your subject line clear and to the point. Use clear and concise language to deliver your message in the subject line. Make your point either last or first in the subject line, never in the middle. When the main message is lost in-between here and there, people won’t get through the first couple words before deleting your message. Specific and confident words will show that you know what you are talking about, and your audience will trust that your message is worth reading.

5. Give your subject line a sense of urgency. Your subject line has to have a sense of urgency or motivation. Urgency is a psychological trigger that motivates people to take action. If your message has an urgent subject line, it will get more clicks.

Follow the above 5 email marketing tactics and you will get a far higher percentage of people opening your email.

Do you have more email marketing tips to share? What tactics do you use that work well for getting people to open your business email? We, and the thousands of readers of this blog would love to read and learn your tips!

Co-written by Peter Geisheker and Alanna Monical

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