Top 5 Favorite 2013 Holiday Ads

    By Madeline Boehmer | Small Business

    To most of us, 30 seconds is not much time at all, but to marketers and advertisers 30 seconds is enough time to make or break their career. Typically a company wants their ads to tell a story that reflects their brand’s bold, stylized personality in order for their company to be ingrained in the minds of consumers, all in about 30 seconds – difficult task, right? Since Christmas time is obviously the busiest shopping season during the year, it is no secret that marketers jump on the opportunity to connect with their customers.

    As consumers, we all get frustrated constantly being bombarded with advertisements but since they’re not going away anytime soon we might as well learn to enjoy them! While there were many creative ads during this holiday shopping season, here’s a few of my favorite 2013 holiday ads this year.

    1. Apple – “Misunderstood”

    Every time I think of an Apple ad, I think of energetic, hip, upbeat and colorful commercials, but this holiday season Apple changed up their approach. Not only does Apple tug at consumers heart strings with the family at Christmas time, but they subtlety display what an iPhone is capable of – showing just how amazing their products really are.

    2. Target – “My Kind of Holiday”

    I think it’s safe to say that we have all caught ourselves humming along to a commercial with a catchy song. Target’s new holiday ad not only has a catchy tune playing but also displays everything you can buy at target – food, clothes, decorations and electronics, just to name a few!

    3. Best Buy – “Twas the Night Before Christmas”

    In a new rendition of “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” Will Arnett tells the story of a father who knocks out all of his Christmas shopping in just one trip to Best Buy. Not only does Best Buy look like a great place to purchase all your electronic needs in-store but online as well – marketing Best Buy as an ultimate Showroom with the lowest price guarantee.

    4. Macy’s – “Another Miracle of 34th Street”

    Every year around Christmas time I find myself watching Miracle on 34th Street at least one time out of the hundreds of times it is aired on TV throughout December. Macy’s not only lures in consumers through using the Santa we all love from the movie but also uses some of the hottest celebrities who sell product lines at Macys, making Macys look like a wonderful place to shop.

    5. Target – “Welcome to the Family”

    Although this is not a commercial being aired on TV, I could not help but include it in this list. This ad made in collaboration with Funny or Die, will not only make you laugh every time you watch it but also make you feel better about your own weird family traditions.

    In my opinion these 5 commercials did a great job of not only connecting with their audience but also telling a story that reflects their brand’s bold, stylized personality. While holiday shopping can be stressful, SheerID hopes you enjoy the holidays and have a Happy New Year!

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