Top 5 Digital Job Trends For 2014

    By Amy Edwards | Small Business

    As I said last week in my SEO predictions blog, December is definitely the month of the prediction/trend blogs. Whatever industry you work in, it seems there’s just no getting away from key members of your industry telling you exactly they think is going to be hot (and what’s not!) over the course of the next 12 months.

    Now, as I just mentioned, I’ve already covered SEO trends for 2014 on this blog and Lauren’s going to cover her top predictions for social media tomorrow so in today’s post I thought I’d cover the one other element that we’re truly passionate about here at Bubble – digital jobs.

    Yep, as most of you reading this will already know, being a digital jobs board, we eat, sleep and breathe digital jobs. It might sound sad but everything we do seems to revolve around either selling advertising space for digital jobs, writing digital job adverts or preaching about digital careers – so some might say we’re in the perfect position to be able to make a cheeky prediction (or five!) about what roles are going to be in demand in the digital industry in 2014.

    We’ve put this list together after reviewing the digital jobs we’ve advertised on our jobs board throughout 2013 and after considering the trends and changes we expect to see in the digital industry in 2014.

    Top 5 Digital Job Trends For 2014 image digital job trends 2014Top 5 Digital Job Trends For 20141. More Merged Roles:

    Whether it’s SEO and PPC, Content and Social Media or Web Development and Content (yes, really!), it’s fair to say we’ve seen lots of roles merge together over the course of 2013 as the lines between each sector in the industry have blurred – and moving into 2014 and beyond, we definitely expect to see more of the same. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, these days for a lot of roles, digital employers seem to be looking for a “jack of all trades”, rather than a specialist in one particular area – so it’s definitely worth picking up a few extra skills and keeping up to date with the latest news across the wider digital industry if you’re looking to move up the digital career ladder in 2014.

    2. Website Manager:

    Following on from the first point, this year we’ve definitely seen a surge in demand for Website Managers who can do everything from blogging and social media to coding and affiliate marketing. Granted, these roles seem to be more related to smaller, niche companies than global brands but we definitely feel this could be a trend that stretches out further across the wider digital industry in 2014.

    3. Content Marketing Manager:

    Thanks to the ever-changing SEO industry, content marketing has been big business in 2013 – and that trend definitely looks set to continue in 2014. When recruiting for Content Marketing Managers, employers seem to be on the look-out for candidates who can not only write well but are talented when it comes to things like coding and graphics and know the ins and outs of the key aspects of online marketing too.

    4. Digital/Content Editor:

    In addition to Content Marketing Managers, this year we’ve also seen a surge in demand for talented Digital Editors who can effectively manage and develop the content offering on some of the world’s leading websites. In 2013, we’ve advertised Digital/Content Editor job vacancies from the likes of Shelter, Tate, House of Fraser and Shelter – and we have a feeling we’ll be advertising a lot more of the same over the course of the next 12 months.

    5. Customer Journey/User Experience:

    User Experience and Customer Journey jobs have always been a popular category on Bubble – but this year, things have definitely stepped up a gear. Bupa Health and Wellbeing, Farfetch, Tate, Telegraph Media Group – you name it, they’ve all majorly invested in improving the user experience and customer journey of their offerings in 2013 – and we really feel demand for talented professionals in this area is only going to increase as more and more brands start to realise the potential effect great UX can have on their bottom line.

    So there you go; according to the Bubble team, 2014 is going to be all about content marketing, digital editors, user experience pros, web managers and merged roles when it comes to digital roles.

    Think we’ve missed something out or don’t agree with our predictions? Leave us a comment below or get in touch – @BubbleJobs.

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