Top 3 iPhone Apps to Eliminate 08 Mobile Charges

    By Roy Wilding | Small Business

    Often times, people find themselves paying astronomical prices to call 0808, 0800 and 0500 numbers in the UK. If these numbers are called on a regular basis, individuals see a steep increase in their mobile bills. Not to mention, the mobile companies make calling these numbers inconvenient. There are three iPhone apps that will take the hassle out of calling these numbers and significantly decrease the price subscribers will pay on their monthly bills:

    0800 Wizard

    The 0800 Wizard is so simple to use that it feels like magic. The user will not have to contend with complex menus or go through a series of steps to complete one action. All he or she has to do is pull up the app and dial the 0808, 0800 or 0500 number from within the app. Then, the call will be routed over dedicated 01 or 02 numbers, and it will be completed, just like a normal call. The 0800 Wizard is free to use and download. All the developers ask is that people share the app with their friends.

    08 Saver

    08 Saver is another extremely popular app that is used for dialling 0808, 0800 and 0500 numbers. When the user wants to dial any of these numbers, all he or she needs to do is search for the company he or she wishes to call or enter the desired number in a search box. An alternative number is then provided, and the user just taps on it to make the call. There is nothing to it.

    The 08 Saver app has a plethora of outstanding features that make it appealing. These are:

    -An easy to use search feature
    -A Number Database organized by geographical location
    -The ability to integrate with a user’s current address book
    -100 percent free updates for life
    -a tool that chooses numbers for dialling purposes so the user does not have to memorize them

    These features set this particular app apart from the others and make it a number one choice.

    Mobile to 08

    Along with allowing mobile subscribers to dial the 0808, 0800 and 0500 numbers, the Mobile to 08 app has a feature that facilitates making discounted calls to 087 and 084 numbers using a prepaid account. Users replenish this prepaid account by using iTunes. In order to keep tabs on the balance in this account, the app will display the balance, so the user can add more money when it is needed. If the balance is running low during a telephone call, a series of tones will sound to let the user know that the call will be cut off soon. Like the other two apps, the Mobile to 08 app is simple to use. The interface is well organized and free of clutter.

    With these three iPhone apps, users can save big when they call 0808, 0800 and 0500 numbers. No more do subscribers have to worry about their monthly bills skyrocketing. The calls will cost the same as those made to normal telephone numbers.

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