Top 10 Areas Where Content Marketing Is Changing – And Why

Top 10 Areas Where Content Marketing Is Changing – And Why image changes aheadTop 10 Areas Where Content Marketing Is Changing – And WhyI had the opportunity to present to a team of content marketers a few weeks go. One of their burning questions was “How are our jobs changing, and why?

Let me digress for one paragraph to set the stage with answering the “why” and then I will return to the question of “how”.


Most of us are aware that marketing is evolving rapidly. The reasons are clear:

  • The internet is changing buyer behavior
  • Technologies enable us to track and react to buyer behavior
  • Sales enablement is an imperative for marketing
  • Increasing marketing accountability is fueling an increasing need for marketing metrics


But what is changing in marketing as we used to know it? Here are my top 10 changes:

  1. We are moving from being product or solution centric to being buyer centric. i.e., the content we write is less about what something does, and more about what it does for the buyer.
  2. We are evolving our capabilities such that communications can be increasingly targeted to more narrowly defined target segments.  We are not at one-to-one marketing yet, but we have come a long way from batch and blast.
  3. We can create target segments and personas based on peoples’ behaviors, and most importantly, on how they buy. This leads to much more effective engagement with buyers.
  4. We have changed our focus from “telling” to “engagement”.  Today, the measure of success of a campaign is not how many people we told, but rather how many people engaged with us as a result of the communication.
  5. We are evolving from fewer large batch and blast tactics, to many highly targeted campaigns; the set up and breakdown of a campaign is in weeks, not months. The offers are highly targeted to match the segment because relevance is the key to engagement.
  6. We are evolving from static campaigns, with a predetermined sequence of touches plotted out over weeks and months, to campaigns that are adaptive to the prospect’s behavior, altering the offers, the language, and even the cadence as a result of their engagement.
  7. There is a shift from heavy brand awareness oriented marketing, to a balance that includes an increased focus on brand attributes and brand loyalty.
  8. We recognize that buyers engage with us using multiple media and channels, and we are responding with multi-channel campaigns that are coordinated and adaptive.  For instance, a single campaign might start with a response to online advertising, engage further with an email offer, followed by a tele-qualification call, and a direct mail postcard.
  9. Our content experts, the resources we used for writing data sheets, are no longer just in product marketing.  Our buyers expect to see our SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) posting on our blog, participating in LinkedIn groups, and authoring videos and white papers.  The buyers want the transparency and engagement with the SME. The struggle most firms have here is that the job description of the SMEs does not include all of this…at least today.
  10. Content performance is now being measured.  Which pieces of content are driving the most engagement, which pieces most influenced revenue results, which pieces are ancient and inoculate visitors to the website?  Content performance matters!

That’s it, feel free to share your list or add to this one!

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