TI4: VG unshakable, Alliance on the brink of elimination

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    The International 2014 (TI4) has been a rollercoaster for everyone so far. Chinese Dota 2 team Vici Gaming (VG) consistently remains in the top spot with US team Evil Geniuses (EG) having an impressive 10-3 standing. The two Chinese teams that shared the second spot with EG yesterday—Invictus Gaming (iG) and Team DK—now share third place with a standing of 9-5.

    Take a look at the current standings:

    VG’s dominant performance makes it seem like it won’t be losing any of its next two games against iG and Arrow Gaming. However, if there’s anything this tournament is trying to teach us, it’s that nothing is certain and that upsets happen unexpectedly. Perhaps the best example is last year’s champion, Team Alliance, which is now on the brink of elimination with a standing of 5-8 in the bottom six.

    Tomorrow will be the last day of phase two of the playoffs, where teams will be fighting to stay in the tournament. After which, the middle eight teams from the group stage will be playing best-of-three series matches in a single elimination format. Only six will join the top two from the group to head to the main event at the Key Arena. More information on the tournament’s new format can be found here.

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    For yesterday’s roundup:
    • TI4: VG reigns supreme, DK, iG, and EG tied for second


    Vici Gaming now stands atop the group stage of The International 2014, followed by Invictus Gaming, Team DK, and Evil Geniuses.

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