Three Reasons You Should Take Content Marketing Seriously

Three Reasons You Should Take Content Marketing Seriously image 3 reasons content marketingThree Reasons You Should Take Content Marketing SeriouslyContent marketing has been a hot topic for many years now. More and more businesses have been hopping on board, especially since Google’s Panda and Penguin updates.

As much as some marketers have been banging the drum, the truth of the matter is that content marketing is not the new SEO.

Many businesses have been using web content in various forms since the inception of the internet, so when I hear content marketing being hailed as ‘the new SEO’, I shudder and wonder what these people were doing with their website before – playing Kevin Costner in ‘Field of Dreams’?

Your competition already is

How often do you see a competitor release another piece of content and say to your team: ‘We should do that!’, then next month read/watch another piece of content and find that still, nothing has been published by your team?

If this sounds like you, then you need to take content marketing seriously because your competition is. It doesn’t matter if you are laughing at their content (even for the wrong reasons) – the fact that they are doing it rather than talking about it means they are one step ahead of you. They are swinging the baseball bat at the ball in the field of dreams; one day it will connect and get them that home run.

Action: Start playing the field – create a content marketing plan.

Brand awareness

What is brand awareness? It’s a way of establishing the relationship between your company and a product or service. So when you say ‘Coke’, I say ‘Coca-Cola’ – and I hope that some of our clients and readers say ‘Red Rocket Media’ when they hear ‘content marketing agency’!

Companies achieve this by regularly publishing content, which keeps them visible within the marketplace. There are other areas to leverage (like blogger outreach and building relationships), but essentially you will struggle to achieve brand awareness without quality on-site content marketing taking place.

Action: Back up the content marketing with a solid social media strategy to improve your content’s reach and visibility.

Customer acquisition

The end goal of all businesses is to make money. Marketers, business owners and CEOs realise that content helps them achieve this. It raises brand awareness, creates demand, provides value and boosts engagement with customers/prospects.

A piece of content that is created with passion and skill can acquire more customers in its lifetime than one radio slot listened to by thousands. A good example of this comes from a case study published by research institute MarketingSherpa, which revealed that for one company, content marketing achieved a 2,000% increase in blog traffic – resulting in a 40% boost in revenue. I use this example because this was published in March 2012, demonstrating that it has been a tried and tested method for some time now.

Imagine being able to double your revenue in just over a year off the back of creating one blog post per working day of the year? You may even do better and create a 50% increase!

Action: Research your potential customer, look for opportunities and address pain points through the content you publish, earning their trust.

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