Think Like Your Customers: Create Content that Connects

Think Like Your Customers: Create Content that Connects image FrustrationThink Like Your Customers: Create Content that ConnectsYou’re cranking out content for your readers, you think you’re nailing the right topics and you’re posting regularly, yet your traffic and conversion numbers still seem to be suffering.  What gives?  Perhaps you’re not giving your readers just what they want.  Whoa. Ever think of that? But then, what do they want?

After a lot of content experimentation over the years, mostly geared towards sales and marketing for small businesses, I can tell you that inevitably some posts’ performance numbers were staggering, while others garnered no more than a tweet and few shares. This wasn’t a coincidence, so through the course of my content marketing career, I’ve done some research and deep diving into the reasons for excellent and lackluster content performance.

Below is a list of essential characteristics of connecting content and questions to ask yourself as you’re creating content for readers:

  1. Give readers what they want, not your own personal opinion. People like relating and talking about themselves – ever notice that in a dinner party situation?  If you can touch on topics that benefit the motives of your business but find a way to make it connect personally with readers, you’ve got an opening.

  2. Ask yourself, “What does my audience most want to learn? How can I deliver that?” Put yourself in your consumer’s shoes and think like a customer.  How can their needs best be met through the content you are able to provide?

  3. Never try and sound overly intelligent; don’t be a know-it-all. Have a conversation with your reader and speak to them as though you’re a knowledgeable friend so that your readers feel like they’re a part of an ongoing dialogue.
  4. You have to know what you’re good at and speak to that, but you must let go of the things you aren’t so good at, as it simply bogs down your motives and content quality. Face it – not everyone is good at everything.  We all have our own skill sets that allow us to find success, so don’t try to be a jack of all trades, master of none.  Leverage your finest skills and people will want to learn from you.
  5. Your content’s intention should be clear, so market to that objective. Don’t be coy with your message, because your consumers don’t have the patience or desire to sift through fluff and you’ll lose them.  Your best bet is to have a direct message and key points that readers can take from your content.
  6. Encourage people to share your content; it’s amazing what people will do if you simply ask. Ask them to re-tweet, email, post on Facebook, you name it. If they value what you’ve created, they’ll want to share your content.

By tuning into what your customers want and need, you’ll have no trouble creating content that connects.

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