How To Test Your Landing Pages

Every online marketer knows the importance of landing pages. High quality landing pages can skyrocket the conversion rate of your marketing campaign and heavily reduce the customer acquisition costs.

Since landing page testing plays an important role in creating effective landing pages . Invesp has created a detailed infographic on landing page testing, difference between A/B testing and multivariate testing,  important landing page elements to test , common landing page testing mistakes and lot more.

How To Test Your Landing Pages image landing page testing2How To Test Your Landing Pages

Infographic by- Invesp

15 Steps to successful testing campaign-

  1. Have a clear testing plan
  2. Have well defined clear and measurable conversion criteria
  3. Identify the important elements to test
  4. Use proper testing tools
  5. Determine whether A/B or multivariate testing is appropriate
  6. Access current traffic and conversion rates
  7. Determine target conversion goals
  8. Determine number of scenarios to test
  9. Determine time span to run tests
  10. Create variations of different testing elements
  11. Install and deploy different test scenarios
  12. Measure test results and findings
  13. Do more changes based on findings
  14. Conduct follow up tests
  15. Track Improvements

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