Telecommunications Driven Jobs Growing In Popularity

Telecommunications Driven Jobs Growing In Popularity image tech jobs 2013 300x190Telecommunications Driven Jobs Growing In PopularityStoring data has become an art with numerous methods being implemented each year. Connecting to your data sources, however, takes network strength and brevity of local and distant connection sources.  Professionals that graduate ITT or similar places are trained to take your connection concerns under experienced wings and elevates your wireless network capacity to insurmountable levels for increased productivity and success.  Since many companies lack simple, effective security evaluations of network connections, other areas of connectivity are potentially exposed to further threatening issues.

Even with businesses contributing to the economy by utilizing contingency employees, many careers today revolve around various communications and computer niches, these three areas (with expected job descriptions) are booming in 2013:

Network & Internet Connectivity

Take the guesswork out of setting up major internal networks, collocating servers and evaluating potential security breaching within servers. Network Engineers, growing career #1 across the globe, can setup the most extensive network & internet connectivity solutions your business demands for smooth transacting, customer interaction and information retrieval.  Skilled technicians will professionally ascertain your needs, issues and immediately deploy directly to infrastructural areas where data center issues persist.  Key areas of expertise include in the job description:

  • Wireless network installation to include troubleshooting and weekly security evaluations.
  • Client-side networking solutions to meet unique needs and tailored to your goals.
  • Setup and configuration of remote desktop capabilities for employee use.
  • Proactive network connection monitoring
  • VPN troubleshooting and design
  • Enhance authentication services for controlled networking access

Network engineers are educated to tailor network & internet connectivity solutions to each client as directed by the company, structuring connection needs to increase employee productivity, lower your remote access costs and provide secure internet connection solutions to alleviate outside threats.  Successful business continuity mandates having only professional networking, accurate backbone connections and homing options to assure fewer connection adversities.


Placing your business into advantageous positions in communication infrastructures demands more than demure approaches to strategic planning if your business wishes to remain competitive.  Communications Engineers, growing career #2, will assist proliferation of your data, voice and video for maximum workforce productivity, customer interaction with front-line staff and effective collaboration across numerous field offices for seamless teleconferencing.   Fully integrated, designed and executed communication plans from professionals in this field create an environment that capitalizes your budget while enhancing, or adding to, your current communications setup.  Current solutions offered by communications engineers include:

  • Latest telecommunication services and solutions
  • VoIP and various telephony with firewall support from TrustID
  • Video conferencing facilitation
  • Multiprotocol Label Switching innovations (MPLS)
  • Wireless Fidelity zone setups and troubleshooting
  • Cloud-based communication systems
  • Mass-message notification systems

Proper business communications means professional guidance, implementation and ongoing support of in-house voice systems. A true telecommunications champion serving the growing communication needs of small-midsize businesses, communications corporations would definitely love hiring fresh bodies.

Server Setup/Configurations

For multiple inter-office business networks to effectively pass data between remote computers, or for effective transacting of sensitive data, single servers or large datacenters are immeasurably necessary to purport daily operations without hesitation.  From client server setup to maximization of server profitability and production rates, expert server technicians, career #3 which is taking off this year, take care of every server configuration and setup down to the final wire. Whether your business requests additional servers or your business model merits condensing server space, some areas of expertise included within server engineering job description include:

  • Firewall / VPN / Remote Desktop servers
  • IMAP / POP / SMTP email server planning and setup
  • Windows / Apache server software installation
  • Hard-wire server planning and installations
  • Professional server recommendations
  • Server maintenance and upkeep
  • Complete patch management

Proper business IT infrastructures rely upon correctly planned, properly installed and adequately cooled servers.  If your current configurations or server connections experience extensive outages, numerous hours of downtime and wasting revenue streams, you’ll risk loss of customers and eventually your entire business model will be awash.  For this reason alone, hiring skilled communications and computer technicians and engineers should be every business’ primary directive – especially with careers like this booming.

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