How Technology Is Redefining The Future Of Work

    By Lindsey LaManna | Small Business

    The internet, social media and mobile technologies are igniting massive changes in business world. These transformations are How Technology Is Redefining The Future Of Work image TheFutureofWork 300x193How Technology Is Redefining The Future Of Workdefining the Future of Business and at the same time, defining the workplace of the future.

    What is the future of work? What will the relationship between the employee and employee look like? To help answer these questions, we developed a series of questions and reached out to thought leaders in this discipline.

    Our first interview is with Liz Brenner (@lizbrenner) is a Senior Director in the SAP Marketing organization. She is also serves as interim lead for Global Career Development at SAP.

    How has the digital and social age changed the recruiting and the employee / employer relationship?

    In one word: access. Today we are one click away from learning the good, the bad, and the ugly of both the employer and employee.

    For employees, personal brand – especially in social channels – is critical. Just “Google” yourself. Do the results accurately reflect who you are and what you stand for? We are the owners of our brand and we need to make sure we are actively marketing and managing this. Update your LinkedIn profile. If you have other social profiles like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, make sure privacy features are managed appropriately and your profile pictures and brand statements are consistent – and accurate! As a parent, I hope to hammer home on the “think before you post” rule early and often.

    Today, employers are increasingly focused on making sure their Talent Brand is represented in the marketplace. Where the employer brand is what the company says about working there, the talent (or employee) brand let’s their employees be the voice and share – many times through social channels – their stories and experiences.

    Websites like Glassdoor are giving candidates the inside scoop about what it is like to work at a company.

    It is fascinating watching this area evolve. Technology is leading the way and truly changing the dynamics of the employee and employer relationship. And I just touched on recruiting.

    Why are some companies focusing on talent management and diversity in the workplace?

    Easy – research shows again and again that engaged employees and diverse teams produce better results.

    How does the future business keep employees engaged?

    Future business keeps employees engaged by providing personalized development and combined with flexible working models.

    There is no “one size fits all” program for employees and their development. Every person has their own personal definition of career success. Some employees strive to be CEO, others want to grow in their current role. We’ve got to encourage our employees to think big and beyond their current role when it comes to development – and companies need to foster an environment where growth and innovation are encouraged.

    I am a big believer in the “career sweet spot” (although I’m not sure who originated this concept). This is the intersection of your passions, your talents, and the opportunities at your organization. This is the place where we find the most satisfaction – and the place where we are most engaged…because work no longer feels like work!

    Organizations must also meet employee’s personal needs – especially when it comes to working models. Employee needs vary greatly – if organizations can flex to provide an environment that allows employees to do their work in a way that fits with their lifestyle, employees will be happier and more engaged – and the conversation about work-life balance will become moot. The world is changing – success depends on being able to evolve and do things a little differently.

    What role should companies play in higher education?

    There is a huge opportunity today to build a greater connection between students and companies and vice versa. For companies, we can impact and ensure curricula are relevant to properly prepare students for life in the business world. For students, they can help companies provide products and services that are relevant to the millennial generation – perhaps through testing, design or development.

    Everyone wins when there is a partnership at this level – the university gets to add “real world” experience to their offerings, the business gets to groom early talent and raise awareness for their products and services, and students get exposure to top companies, expanded networks and resume builders.

    Even better, is when we can connect companies, especially Tech companies, with even younger students. My oldest daughter just had the opportunity to participate in an app design session as a result of a pilot program between SAP and TechGirlz, a non-profit empowering young girls to take an interest in technology. What a fabulous experience – her eyes were opened to the unlimited potential of building technology just based on a creative idea.

    Liz Brenner is a Senior Director in the SAP Marketing organization. She also serves as interim lead for Global Career Development at SAP. Liz provides consulting and coaching on social media strategy, blogging, personal branding, and career development at SAP. Each day, Liz brings marketing innovation to our greatest asset, our people, through her partnership with the human resources team and her work within Talent Marketing. In her interim role on the SAP Talent Experience Team, Liz is building and driving the strategy and philosophy for Career Development at SAP. Liz is passionate about diversity and inclusion, simplicity, good leadership, and customer-first thinking. Liz is the author of the blog Lead With Intuition. Follow Liz on Twitter @LizBrenner, on Facebook and on LinkedIn.

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