Are Talent Investments Paying Off?

Are Talent Investments Paying Off? image MERCER 74 PAYINGOFF business2 thumbAre Talent Investments Paying Off?

Talent is one of the most important aspects a company can cultivate, and the key to staying a step ahead in today’s global economy. Investment in human capital is a popular endeavor that companies across the globe are partaking in, the only problem is that many of them are questioning whether this tactic is paying off or not. Positive and measurable are two key terms that come to mind when thinking about the results companies are getting. According to more than 1,260 global HR executives polled in Mercer’s Talent Barometer Survey, talent investments have increased, but less than a quarter of organizations worldwide say that their workforce plans are very effective in meeting their talent needs. Which leaves us with the question: Are talent investments paying off? (more…)

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