Tablets 101: A Primer for Mom-Focused Brands

Tablets 101: A Primer for Mom Focused Brands image Tablets 101: A Primer for Mom Focused BrandsMoms are one of the fast growing user groups of tablets, with 22% of moms owning a tablet compared to 16% of the general population. Given the rapid adoption of tablets by moms in the United States, the Trends team took an in-depth look in our latest white paper at why tablet use is on the rise and steps for consumer brands to take in reaching this population.

One study reported by TechCrunch found that 31% of moms log more than 10 hours each week on their tablet, and spend less than 2 hours on their computers. Two features indicate why moms turn to their tablets over a smartphone or laptop: the portability of the device and the larger screen size. Tablets give moms the functionality of a laptop through a larger screen display, but also offer the flexibility of a smartphone that is essential to busy moms on the go.

To effectively target moms on their tablets, brands can take a few important steps with their products and marketing. First, consider responsive layout for the brand’s website. This means the website looks and works the same for all screen sizes, regardless of the device being used. Responsive layout ensures a seamless shopping experience and consistent brand recognition that moms appreciate.

Tablets 101: A Primer for Mom Focused Brands image Tablets 101: A Primer for Mom Focused Brands offers a responsive layout for use on a laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

Second, brands may want to develop an app that makes content even more accessible to moms while on their tablets. The top 4 things moms expect in apps are smart push notifications, recommendations or offers based on current location, integration with social media, and an eCommerce engine.

Third, have social media integration in place on the website so moms can easily share content with their social networks while on a tablet. This ensures brands don’t lose out on valuable recommendations and social sharing.

These are just a few of the takeaways for mom-focused brands that seek to reach consumers on tablets. For more insights on how and when moms use these devices, and ways brands can better reach moms through this new and evolving channel, download our white paper, “Tablets 101: A Primer for Mom-Focused Brands.”

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