Stylish urban spaces available to rent by the hour for work or relaxation

We’ve already seen Podtime provide workers in the UK with spaces to have a nap in the city. Now Breather wants to do something similar in the US, opening up quiet spaces in urban properties that customers can rent for short periods for work or relaxation.

Users can download the Breather app, which shows the nearest available spaces to them. The app enables them to book the time they want to spend in the space – which can range from 30 minutes to a whole day. Breather locations are fitted with Lockitron devices that use NFC technology to grant access via users’ smartphones, and after customers pay, their device is given temporary permission to open the space they’ve chosen. The rooms are selected based on their location away from noisy areas and are fitted out with heating, wifi and a phone line, as well as comfortable desks, chairs and sofas. The spaces are intended for any kind of private activity – whether it’s to make a phone call, take a nap, hold a meeting, do some work, practice yoga or read a book. The video below offers more information about the service:

Breather is currently available in private beta and is set to launch publicly in several US cities soon. Could this work in your city?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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