Streamed fitness and dance classes offer real time Q&As


Enjoying exercise tips from expert instructors at home has been around since the age of fitness VHS tapes, now updated as live streamed sessions through platforms such as Peloton. Offering an element of personal communication with fitness and general wellness trainers, InstructorLive enables users to get responses to their questions in real time.

Although the site includes some typical training sessions such as aerobics and cardiovascular exercise, it also features instructions for yoga, good posture and ‘mind, body and soul’ workouts. These video streams can be watched live or on demand, with viewers participating by following the instructions on screen. During the live broadcasts, class members can also send in their own questions and the instructor will give answers throughout each session. Additionally, the platform also offers nutrition articles through its blog.

InstructorLive costs GBP 5.99 a month, compared to the more expensive costs of a personal trainer. Are there other social tools that can give fitness fans a more tailored training experience?


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