The State Of Small Business Website Marketing [Infographic]

The State Of Small Business Website Marketing [Infographic] image infographic.jpgsmall business website marketingA lot goes into a business, even a small one. The same can be said for a business website, and we’re not even talking about the time, money, planning, and resources that go into building it. We’re talking about what it’s actually made up of, and what it holds the power to do.

Whether or not you have an actual storefront, you have a virtual one: your website. (Tweet this!)

It tells the world everything it needs to know about your business, from who you are to what you do and what you have to offer. Regardless of how active you are on social media, your website should sit at the center of your online marketing strategy, and it needs to shine bright.

BoostSuite, a company that makes website optimization software for small business marketers, surveyed over 6,000 of their users to take a look at the current landscape of small business website marketing. They collected data on everything from the size of the companies’ websites, to the rate of content creation, to their conversion rates.

Of course, there are a lot of small businesses that are not actively improving and marketing their website, which means they’re probably not using a product like BoostSuite. It’s important to take a look at the average BoostSuite user before applying these statistics to everyone. However,

Here’s what they found:

Key Takeaways:

  • The average small business website has 140 pages. (Tweet this)
  • The average small business creates 15 new pieces of content each month. (Tweet this)
  • 31% of marketers publish 1-5 new website pages each month. (Tweet this)
  • The Software and IT Services industry reports the highest number of monthly conversions. (Tweet this)
  • The fact that “7 Reasons” (which sounds like the beginning of a blog post title) is a recommended keyword for the Software and IT Services industry shows the prevalence of blogging and content creation. (Tweet this)
  • On average, small business websites are getting larger. (Tweet this)
  • The amount of new content created per month is going up, demonstrating the growing popularity of content marketing. (Tweet this)
  • Optimizing for search engines isn’t enough. You have to consider how humans will experience your website, as well. (Tweet this)

The State Of Small Business Website Marketing [Infographic] image infographic3small business website marketing infographic
Infographic via BoostSuite

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