Startup Diaries: Finding a Name

Business-owner-to-be P. Query is in the process of starting Angels' Rest, a small private-care residence for the elderly who seek an alternative to a nursing home. 

I believe that most people have one or more guardian angels who ride along with us on our journey. Those whose lives we touched in some way or whose lives touched us maintain some sort of connection once they're gone. They are present in those moments when we think we heard someone call our name or feel a brush on our shoulder or comfort us when we are alone.

When my partner and I debated whether to purchase the house for our private-care residence I listened carefully to my instincts, my logic, but also to my guardian angels. "Everything will be ok," came through over and over. My father's voice reverberated this message daily until the house was ours.

We tossed several names around and we didn't want the name, which represented our residence, to appear trite. Also, we didn't want our name to have an institutional tone. We wanted a name to reflect our home, a loving environment where those we have cared for who have passed on are not forgotten.

"Angels' Rest" was the forerunner when a trip to a local home décor store confirmed our choice. At the front of the store, on the first grouping of shelves, was a statue of an angel who appeared to be resting. My jaw dropped. I purchased the statue and placed it by the front door of our residence. This angel will welcome all potential residents and their families.

We haven't opened the doors yet but I know there are angels currently resting here. I can feel them when I'm working or see an orb of light in the corner of my eye when I walk through the house. A peace surrounds me and all my worries fade away.

When in doubt, follow that inner voice. No matter what you believe the source to be, don't allow fear to rule your path. You don't want regrets at the end of life, wishing you would have gone for your dream. Also, those who have come before us offer wisdom with the benefit of hindsight. So, when you receive a message from your angel, don't brush it off -- it may lead to your dream.

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