Do We “Like” Social Media Too Much?

Ever since Kindergarten we have never stopped sharing, first our toys and snacks, now our videos and pictures of our pets. We are constantly sharing our lives on Social Media, for most it is a habitual daily activity.

We have even become so emotionally attached to our “Social” lives that when we get no comments or “likes” on our posts, we become embarrassed and unsatisfied. It is the same as being a standup comedian and getting no laughs. For some people their whole day will be ruined and constantly be questioning why no one “liked” their post. On the other hand if we get a lot of “likes” or comments we feel good.

It’s not that Social Media is a popularity contest, but it can be, depending on your approach to it. Marketers should pay attention to this growing emotional relationship to social media.

Many brands have begun engaging with their followers which in turn make the followers feel special. It makes them think that the brand went out of their way to pay attention to them when they have millions of other followers.

The little things add up and build brand loyalty and equity. Your goal is for customers to bring you up in their daily conversations on their own. They will begin to reach out to you rather than you reaching out to them.

Some people even have the intent to show off or brag about what is going on in their lives. Imagine if your brand it the one they are talking about to all their followers. The customer becomes your advertisement, no TV commercials or banner ads required.

Marketing has always been about creativity connecting with the customer. With social you have more tools to establish that brand to customer relationship. Build trust and generate interest though social, observe your target demographic and see what you can do to stimulate their emotions.

Remember a “Like” can go a long way.

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