Social Media Marketing: 3 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Twitter

Tweet, tweet. Twitter is like the Wild West of social media websites. You have only 140 characters to work with so make each tweet count. Many internet marketers send out tweets in rapid fire fashion, filling the stream with updates to stand out from the IM crowd. Adopt a slow and steady approach to make a more positive impact than the average user. Never be in a hurry. All good things flow to individuals who tweet value on a persistent, steady and relaxed basis.

Resist the urge to automate twitter entirely. Engaging really is the secret to social media success, and twitter is not exempt from this great truth. If you can show up on a persistent basis expect people to take notice. Many marketers automate fully, totally failing in the engagement department. Being human means gaining the trust of your target market and gaining the trust of your target market means engaging your followers on a persistent basis.

Tweet Helpful Tweets to Hit the Twitter Sweet Spot

Really helpful, insightful tweets are hard to come by in the twitter world. The average tweeters send out drivel a high percentage of the time. If you choose to follow leaders you become well aware why leaders are leaders on twitter. These individuals tweet helpful tweets virtually all of the time to hit the twitter sweet spot.

Create value each time you decide to post something on twitter. Do not bother tweeting unless you have something helpful to share. This is the easiest way to share only the best tweets, boost your online reputation and effectively market whatever opportunity you happen to be sharing.

Keep an ear to the street. Listen for the problems of your target market. Create solutions in the form of your content.

Stay on Topic or Risk Drifting off Course

Remain on topic at all times or you risk losing your audience. The average tweeter strays a bit much, confusing their audience. Think through any profession; the jack of all trades types rarely become successful because you must specialize to learn your field inside out. In the same respect it makes sense to stay on topic when tweeting.

A doctor talks medicine all day and heals individuals. An internet marketing professional should talk internet marketing all day via their twitter stream and the individual should also provide consultation services related to internet marketing.

Resist the urge to hop off topic. This would be like turning to a doctor who is well versed in matters of law but rarely or only talks medicine some of the time. Be a pro in one niche and make sure your twitter stream provides value relevant to this niche.

Be Brutally Persistent to Make an Impact

Being persistent makes you stand out from the internet marketing crowd on twitter. The majority works twitter on a part time basis, or this crowd operates in fits and starts. Building your business becomes difficult unless you treat your business seriously. Dwell on how much time you would need to spend working an offline business. Now apply this mindset to your internet marketing business, and carry this same dedication to your twitter account.

If you are willing to show up when most other people refuse to show up expect to stand out from the crowd. Be on purpose. Stay on topic. Show up daily. Engage frequently.


Create helpful, usable content to connect with your audience. Target by including niche specific keywords in your tweets. Be persistent to make an impact which people from your market cannot ignore. Use these 3 tips to effectively use twitter as an internet marketing tool today.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who enjoys blogging about all things marketing.

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