How To Have A Social Media Fail At Your Event

How To Have A Social Media Fail At Your Event image how to have a social media fail event 300x259How To Have A Social Media Fail At Your EventI recently attended a local charity event that boasted an attendance of 750 people. I was there one hour before finding the hashtag for the event, and upon live tweeting, found I was only one of THREE other accounts tweeting about the event! The others were 1) the event holder (brand) and 2) a local newspaper editor. For an event with 750 people, this was simply unacceptable, so was born this post; How to Have a Social Media Fail at your Next Event.

1) Don’t make a hashtag. One of the easiest ways to fail is to alienate your twitter-happy guests by not giving them an “official” hashtag. Though, you may find your event gets one anyway, if people want to talk about it (see number 4 for a better way to fail like this).

2) Make sure your brand isn’t trying to get the word out. Yeah. Just don’t talk about it. Don’t encourage people to share it on Facebook or Google Plus or anything.

3) Don’t live tweet using your professional/group/brand twitter handle. Instead of using your brand’s account, why not confuse people by posting from your personal accounts? That way, only a minimum amount of people that are truly interested will actually see them.

4) Ignore everyone trying to engage your brand during and/or after your event. Heck! Instead of participating with your guests, just ignore everything they post and share about you and your event! Double points!

Ultimately, you want people talking about you and your brand and any events you have. You want people to come to you and have great things to say, or questions to ask or money to give. So why aren’t you using social media to your advantage? Give the people a forum by creating a hashtag especially now that all the platforms are on board with them, now. Create some buzz by asking for shares and +1s. Get people talking about your brand before the event takes place, during and after! Then reply and show them you think they’re awesome. We all know how quick something can go viral, but it can’t be you, if you’re not out there.

What social media fails have you experienced? Let me know in your comments!

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